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I had to take apart my supercharger looking for the source of a certain noise, and while I was in there I figured I would replace the coupler since it is easy and cheap. I saw while looking at random stuff online about the M60 that the couplers could go bad and cause noise... etc, the ZZP coupler was the one to replace it with... so I got one and installed it. It definitely looked different than the one that was in my car, but the same to pretty much every coupler on every other car with an eaton M60 supercharger, and seemed to fit no problem around all 6 pins with no slop at all.

It made a weird whirring noise that would increase with load then go away at speed, but it didn't fix the original issue I was trying to solve, so I took it out and put the original back in -> no new whirring noise. Anyone here ever replaced their coupler? Never found anything when looking through the Xterra forums, but did on many others with the M60. ZZP claims their coupler is compatible with the 02-04 Xterra SC, so I was wondering if anyone had tried it out and what the results were.

1st picture is the ZZP coupler and what everyone seems to say to install. 2nd is my install, and 3rd is what was in my car originally (but not any other cars with eaton M60 superchargers online).

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