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Xterror04... My Just Blue X!

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Hey guys.. Heres my X... Its an 04 XE 4x4. I used to live in Iowa Drove to Chicago to pick this thing up and now Live in Nashville, TN. Im a huge Nissan fan when I was 16 I bought a Nissan Hardbody.. (Pics below) and ever since I have loved nissans. I have had a company car for the past 2 years so I havent had a chance to modify anything. Well I got laid of and... But at least I have a new X to play with!!! I just got a new job to.. Not sure what all I want to do to this thing yet but I have an Intake, Electric fan, Tinted windows, and Just painted my plastics. Also Yokohoma A/T tires... Last page has recent pics
Hardbody Stock

Hardbody Moded at a car show

2004 xterra after plastics painted black

Xterra now after finding CX
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Cool, That hardbody looks awesome, glad you stuck with nissan an got an
x, Good color choice lol.....hopefully you will get some time to mod the X too
Nice HB! What is that sticker on the driver's side rear glass? It looks a LOT like a NOAS sticker.

Nice platform to start with on your X. Hopefully we will get a ride organized soon so we can show you what they thing can do. hahaha
nice looking X, I like the painted parts!
the sticker on the hardbody says I know its a Jeep thing, Thats why I drive a Nissan
I love the color on X :D good choice

great looking Hardbody!!! what mods did u do?
the hard body had a k&n filter calmini shackles, Calmini steering system, cranked t-bars, Magnaflow dual exhaust, custom rear bumper with hitch receiver in center, led tail lights, 32x11.50 pro comps on American racing wheels, and a full custom interior... I really wish i could find some one to make a bumper like that for my x
Looks good....what percent tint is your front windows?

You might wanna talk to James, he just had his rear bumper custom built....but you sacrifice the plastics for it though.
Nice X!! it looks really good with the plastics painted.

a buddy of mine has a h/b just like yours when it was stock
the front windows are 15% so its slighty darker then the back windows but you can't really tell
Looks good!!
Is that an electric fan?? if so how much did it cost? did you gain much from it?
yeah its a 16" i paid $70 for it... its brand new with a warranty. It definatley helped the stock fan off the pulley really weighed things down... I don't have numbers but it definatley gave me a little more power... the engine doesnt run as hot even with the e fan off...
Yeah I bet it helped take some rotational mass off! how is it switched on? got a temp switch or is it manual??
where did you pick it up?
I got mine at advanced auto parts... they had it instock... I have mine on a switch.. i tried a temp switch but the first one i bought was bad and i just havent tried hooking the 2nd one up yet but really i dont mind the switch
I love that blue; if it had been my choice we would've gotten that color instead of Solar Yellow. At least our Quest van is blue but I've grown to like Solar Yellow on the X.

The black trim and wheels really sets it apart too. Nice X!!!
1 - 20 of 334 Posts
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