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Xterraforce's build thread

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I was planning to leave my Xterra stock except for better tires so I never thought about a build thread. I started doing very minor things here and there justifying it by saying it was still pretty much stock. Well, I'm sure many can relate when I say that the mod bug is a sneaky thing. Sometimes you never see it coming until it's got you.

I figured before I do any serious mods (like the lift I have a sudden craving for after NXM) I might as well start a build thread before I forget where it started since it's been so long.

I took a picture of it the day I got it in July of 2010 but seem to have deleted it. This is from the weekend after I got it. The street tires that came on it lasted almost a day and a half before I put some KM2s on.

With the slightly bigger tires the front fender gap didn't look good so I cranked the t-bars. I ended up going up 1 1/4" on the passenger side and 1 1/2" on the driver side so it was even.

Next up was a Cobra 75 cb and a Wilson Lil Wil. Then I put some Hella 500s on the grill. They shook like crazy until I put some big washers behind them.

I didn't care much for the white covers that came with the lights so I got some new guards for them that I like much better. That's when I added the washers to keep them from shaking. I went ahead and pulled the grill to do it right and there was no way I was putting it back in without painting it.

I fought the urge to do anything else for a while, then one day I was playing off road and hung a rear splash guard on a limb and thought I was going to tear the whole back end off. I had read everyone saying to get rid of them so I finally came to my senses and took them off.

Next to go was the rear sway bar, shocks and the resonator mess.


After, also with new shocks for a lifted X

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Next came new Granite Alloy GA9 wheels.

Of course then the step bars didn't look right with the black wheels, so I took them off and painted them black until I can get some sliders. Then, :censor: mod bug, after almost a year, I suddenly couldn't stand my untinted front door windows.

Everything I've done so far was going to be the "only" thing I was going to do. I've finally stopped kidding myself and have some things on my to do list. Not many, just a few more, but now I'm facing the fact that just like every other internal combustion powered vehicle I've ever owned, it will never be done. The mod bug is an evil, evil thing. I love it!
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I've got an Xoskel light cage on the way. (Sorry) I was planning on a B&M because I really like the way they're made, but about once a month I have to go to a parking garage where clearance is pretty tight. I think it would be ok for now, just barely, but when I can afford it I won't be able to resist a 3" SL. As it is, I have to lay my cb antenna down in the roof basket so once the lift is on it will be way too close. I also have some Shrock sliders on order and if they happen to show up before I die of old age, I'll put them on. That's the extent of the plans for now, but you know how that goes. I'm sure once the lift is done it will start screaming for some new bumpers or something.
I generally try not to do parking lot pictures but my Xoskel light cage came in and I had to sneak out the back door at work and install it along with the lights. It's not wired yet but once I unpacked it and saw how easy it would be to put it on, I just couldn't put it back in the box and toss it in the back to haul it home.

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You have one of the best looking 1.5 gens that I have ever seen. Now all you need is some sliders before coal creek
hey man don't feel bad about about the light bar.. Doesn't bother me at all..
I was going to buy a Xoskel.. just couldn't pay the price.. So that's why I came up with my own.

So are you thinking about a Bodylift? If so let me know..
We can get some guys to help
Thanks Ryan. I have sliders on order...since April 11'th. I don't think it's unreasonable to hope they come in before Coal Creek.

I want to do a suspention lift. I'll probably go with the AC articulator kit. I haven't decided if I'll try to tackle that myself or have a shop do it but it's not likely to be real soon. The DIY here makes it look like something I'd like to try.
You can get a better look at the light cage from this angle, plus it was a lot more fun than the parking lot at work. I managed to do a minor rock assisted mod to the passenger side step bar later in the day so now I'm really hoping my sliders show up soon.

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Looking good! Keep up the work. I think your X is my favorite "stock X"!
Nice X, love how those rims and tires go with the rest of the X
Thanks guys. I really appreciate your kind comments.

Aaron, that means a lot to me. There are so many sweet "stock Xs" so to be anywhere near the top of your list is awesome!

Aali, thanks for noticing. When it comes to performance or appearance I try to consider the total package, not just the individual part or parts. I've learned the hard way that combining great parts doesn't always give you a great end result if the parts aren't designed to work together. Of course, I still end up doing something that causes me to want or need to change other things as well on a regular basis. Mods are like chips, you can't have just one.

All i have to say is 'agreed' lol
The X looks really good! The black rims look good against the burgundy of the X. She coming along nicely!
Nice X! I love those wheels!!
Nice looking x love the wheels! the light bar looks great too, really makes me want one.
Very nice X !! Love the top light set up, awsome wheels as well !!
Great lookin' X, man! Out of curiosity, what size tires are you running?
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