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Xterra trophy truck/ baja racer

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hey guys i decided to go a different way with my X than the typical, yet awesome, trail/rock crawler. in the future i think im going to make an Xterra trophy truck because i love going offroad and i love going fast so why not combine the two lol. i saw in another thread that this prerunner bar for the Frontier would fit the Xterra but would need some trimming
does anyone know what and how much of it would need to be trimmed to make it look right


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thats sick Pops
yeah im still not 100% sure of the order in which ill do this cause its still in the planning stages or if ill even race with it or anything, i just want that possibility down the road
Take your time is the key.....if you rush, you end up with unsatisfying results.
yeah anything worth doing is worth doing right and to do it right it takes time
i just figured id save a ton of time if i didnt have to make a pre-runner bar from scratch and just edit one made for the frontier
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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