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Xterra SE 2008 Issues help needed.

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Hi seniors,

I am a new owner here,2008 model Xterra SE 4WD(150kms), Test drove many (used) suv's, loved this one so bought it after few tests(RTA,Comprehensive,Diagnosis).

The situation is, it is consuming engine oil. it consumed almost 60-75% of full level mark to low level mark within some 600kms, also became darker.

What shocked me is, I did almost every tests possible before taking this, the rta test for passing the vehicle, comprehensive test and computer diagnosis, none indicated any issues related to engine. Diagnosis test gave me code P0340 [ CMP SEN/CIRC-B1] - to change the the camshaft position sensor circuit(its little bit long start than other cars) But the workshop guy said this code is rare for xterra and maybe the previous owner touched it while working on the engine.

Took it to Nissan for enquiring about general service, they doubted that it might be previously overhauled, but not sure though, they have to pull the engine to understand the situation and it would cost me a lot. So I took it another local workshop. Those guys said first to repair the engine or atleast replace it with a used one, but at present I won't be able to invest a lot again as I just bought the car.

So I am just topping up the oil by monitoring the dipstick level in-between. No external leaks at all they confirmed after checking, no oil marks in my covered parking, but they said few traces of oil is visible in exhaust. No blue/grey smoke on starting from exhaust.

But the engine is healthy and smooth, drove around 1000kms including two long drives at 140km/hr speed (Sharjah-Alain), no abnormal sounds etc.

What are your advises? I really love Xterra over other suvs!!
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Cant find the edit option", its 850kms, not600,[ It is consuming engine oil. it consumed almost 60-75% of full level mark to low level mark within some "850kms", also became darker.]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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