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Xterra Rear Quick Disconnects

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Does anyone have one of these installed or any thoughts? I'm definately feeling the body roll a lot more now that I took my rear sway bar off for Rausch.
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I've been thinking about disconnects as well. On my road trips out west I do about 65-75mph with a well loaded bike carrier on the back and 300 pounds of gear plus 3 people for like 2 days straight. Having the sway bar is a blessing say something jumps in the middle of the road, wind control whatever. Throw in midwest ice driving which sometimes tosses the X into a drifting skid I'd like to have it there. However, off road the thing is a curse no flex at all. So I'm thinking about having a way to remove the bar from the axle and storing it up in the frame. Possibly use thumb nuts to hold everything on of course that's not to say wrenches are hard to work with.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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