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Xterra 08 Off Road

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I am looking into different option for my Xterra. Do they create disconnects for the anti sway bar on the Xterra? If they do has anyone experienced any problems. Do's or Do Not's.


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You just missed Dezurtrat. He's our 2nd generation xterra guru.

I can't help you much but I'm not familiar with them making one to my knowledge. BUT, the 2nd gen xterras do not have the poorly designed shock wrecker of a sway like the 1st gens do.

Somebody will be able to chime in here and let you know for sure but like I said, I hit a few autoparts places online and didn't see anything available. That's not to say that it isn't out there though.
No qd's made to my knowledge. The back you can take off and you won't miss at all though.
No disco's for the front. The front links are so small, there's no room. It'd have to be unbolted at the link and tied up high. The rear is the same way, only the links are bigger. I don't have a rear sway (Frontier vs. Xterra) so I can't even check to see if anything might work. There are several companies that make them for the Jeeps, I'm sure one would work for the rear.
Drake said:
You just missed Dezurtrat. He's our 2nd generation xterra guru.
Uh Oh, you all are in trouble
Thank you everyone for your input and information. I will keep looking out on the Internet.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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