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XOTM Oct 2011

XOTM Oct. Finals

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Time to pick best in breed in the Xterra class for Oct. :D

This is a top 3 pick.. So lets see will the guys have a chance against the SAS monster :)

1: Bluegrassen

2: Bklyn.X

3. Zachbiz
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Thanks, had to vote for myself...
Damn close. I'm just happy to make it into the top three. Thanks for all the votes!
I agree. I must admit I am enjoying this being so close and the class of the other two contestants…honored to be among you guys.
I like it so far...
I agree, it's more about the picture than the truck. It is not over yet but if it is Bklyn.X it would be Stephen Q's picture FTW...

Thank you Alpine for the nomination, Stephen Q. for the picture, my fellow contestants (I am honored to be considered within your company), the folks that run the board and all of the folks that took part. Especially the folks that voted for my truck!
Thank you, thank you.
Tom & Bklyn.X
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Thanks everyone!
So what did I win, a VIP trip to SEMA plus $10,000 in spending money?
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