As is Where Is - Recommend a trailer.

Engine runs and transmission drives.

Cons: Needs work before road use. Missing exhaust from Y pipe back. OPG and VCG leaks, left front wheel bearing race needs to be replaced. Front torsion bars are sagging but not broken. Recommend replacement. Rust hole on right rear under passenger door. Interior is rough, carpet is torn on drivers side, seats are weathered with minor tearing. Fan shroud removed but have it. Spare tire hanger is broken but have spare tire.

Pros: 4x New Kuhmo Road Venture AT51s, new radio head unit, new shocks Front and Rear, new front brakes, new outside bearings freshly packed with grease. new track bar, tie rod ends, new upper and lower Ball joint (LF), 4x4 works, A/C blows cold. Rear leaf springs are minorly rusted but in good shape. Recently did a coolant drain and fill, after having a minor overheat. Made sure the engine was bled properly using the screw on top of the engine.

Also included are the parts I have yet to install or preventative maintainence. Belts, Pitman Arm, Thermostat, New bearing races to replace the fronts, New Inside bearing, New set of ball joints for the unreplaced side, Including the metal bushing for the lower ball that is NOT included in aftermarket replacements. Had to do some research about that.

Must buy whole vehicle - Cannot part out at this location.

Please PM for More Information