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WOOT WOOT Sound from Front of Engine

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I have just finished replacing the heads on my 2000 3.3 X, got her started up and have chased down and fixed my minor goofs. Car started up and runs fine, but for a strange "WOOT WOOT WOOT" coming from the lower half of the front of the engine. It's pretty low pitched as opposed to a squeak or squeal sound. My searches only come up with squeaks/squeals and grinds, but no WOOT.

The crank pulley/balancer is new, timing tensioner is new, all belts are new, so I'm at a loss as to exactly where this is coming from. The sound is in direct proportion to rpms.

The belts may be a wee bit too tight so I'll try loosening them up this Saturday, but in the meantime if anyone's familiar with this sound please let me know.

It didn't make this sound before the heads were replaced.
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It was so excited it took a leak (which I fixed).

The WOOT is once per revolution.
It's hard to describe - best I can do is it's like a short stroke on the low string of a violin, maybe 1/4 second each, once per revolution. More WOOT-ey than HUM-ey though.

Love trying to emulate sounds with text!

Dejablue's idea of removing a belt at a time should definitely isolate the problem unless it's the balancer. It's just so damn cold outside!
Also, did you tigten down the crankshaft pulley with an impact? You kinda gotsta. Tightening it by hand without a torque wrench means that it is only kinda tight.
This crossed my mind when I made up the "violin" comparison, which would be a vibration source, which would be the balancer which does need to be impacted home and is at the general area of the sound. I'll impact it first, then try the sequential belt removal. Someone borrowed my compressor and so I didn't impact it.
i'm thinkin timing belt is too tight. my .02
I really hope it's not - I spent an hour with the FSM making sure the belt was properly tensioned, but if impacting the crank pulley tighter and stripping the belts off one-by-one doesn't reveal the problem I'll have to recheck the TB tension since the car's actually been running for a few minutes now.
Does it sound like a bird chirping?
Read the earlier parts of this thread. It's DEFINITELY not the chirping-or-squealing-or-squeaking sounds so prevalent in other posts. That one's been solved a million times over.
Ha! Definitely more Woodsy than Woody. And at this point more than likely the harmonic balancer.
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