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Wild Coast X build thread

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Been on the forum for a while, figured I might as well (finally) post some pics of my X and start this build thread!

I'm in British Columbia, Canada. I got the X a couple of years ago and it has been a trusty exploration machine, getting me to some high and remote places. I've been wrenching on mountain bikes for a long time, but until this truck have never worked on cars before; 4 years ago I couldn't even tell you what a leaf spring was! Let's just say that it's been a learning journey... I've tried to do pretty much all the mods and maintenance myself. This forum (and youtube!) have been an amazing resource, so so grateful for all the knowledge and expertise on here!




Some fun snow wheeling in fresh pow this past winter:

Alpine mountain biking access:

Solo road trip last summer:

I make er' work ?

2004 Xterra SE, 4WD, Supercharged.

Here are the big mods:
  • 2" body lift
  • 3" AC suspension lift (3 pack add-a-leaf, UCA, torsion bars, etc). Also did the front-diff drop mod to ensure I don't fry my CV axles.
  • Warn manual 4x4 hubs
  • Total Chaos 'king kong' steering system (my coolest upgrade I think!)
  • Tires:
    • Summer 33's: BFG A/T KO2 (LT 285/70/R17-C = 32.7x11.2x17)
    • Winter 32's: Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 studded (LT265/75/R16) -> 31.7x10.5x16 (smaller so I can fit chains!)
  • Shrockworks front and rear bumpers
  • Warn VR8-S winch
Otherwise lots of maintenance and mechanical overhaul work done: timing belt, new exhaust, knock sensor replace, etc, etc - will try to add more detail on smaller mods later!
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