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Hello! Very excited to be a new owner. Have a question on which one you’d buy:

Two xterra’s. Both S, both silver, both pretty clean.

#1. 2005 with 157k miles, $4k
• Pros: aftermarket radiator (no SMOD), K&N filter, touchscreen audio unit/backup cam, possibly upgraded speakers, rubber floor mats, alloys with decent enough 1-2 year old all-season tires
• Cons: weak tailgate and roof box lifts, needs front catalytic converters (quoted $1900, f california), looser steering (thinking tie rod), very small drivers seat rip

#2. 2007 with 182k miles, $4.5k
• Pros: No seat rip, brand new chunky all-terrain Goodyear tires, tighter steering
• Cons: oem radiator (would need to replace), stock audio system, no running boards, steel wheels (not a huge deal)

I can maybe have a friend fake smog #1 for $350 to avoid/delay the $1900 hit for the cats, but not positive.

What would you buy?! Many thanks.
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