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Wheel Width and Backspacing Questions

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I have an '03 that is soon to get a PML and a 2" BL. I currently run 265/75 R16 tires on the stock wheels, but the silver wheels just don't fit with the oh-so glorious orange. I found some black wheels in the style I like but the only size I can get them in that's close is 8" wide (compared to the stock 7") with a 5" backspace (5.5" stock). I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out if they're going to push my tires further out, and if so, how much? Will I run into clearance issues?

Thanks in advance.
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With 5" BS that will stick the tire out 0.5" further than stock 5.5" BS.

A wider rim does not necessarily matter because most of the time the tire will be wider than rim itself. For example: I have a 8" wide rim, but my tire is 11.5" wide.

With a 2" BL you usually won't run into clearance issues until you go bigger than a 285/75 (roughly 33x12.5") tires, and less than 5" BS.

In short with your current tire and 5" BS with your new rims you won't come close to clearance issues.
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