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Weird shaking when sitting

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I'm sure that this has been answered before, but just keep getting lost in all the posts/searches. I've got an '03 X with the 3.3(Non SC) Auto trans. When i'm sitting in Park/Neutral everything is pretty good. When I shift into any Drive Gear D/R/1/2, I get a very noticable vibration. It really only does it when I sit still, or maybe I just don't notice it as much while moving. Also, It seems a little lacking in the power department.

It's got a fresh-ish oil change(about 700mi ago),and I just replaced the distributor cap+rotor(Bosch), spark plugs(NGK Iridiums), and the plug wires(NGK). I did it all myself so I know that it all got changed right, i've heard stories about mechanics slackin' on the #6 plug.

Took it up to Advance to have the codes pulled, P3028(the knock sensor) is the only thing that came up. Could that be the only thing that I have going on? Any input would be great! Thanks!
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I don't really notice a rough idle, only the shaking. The RPMs never change while it shakes, just stays around 600ish. It's got about 101k miles. I just bought it about 2k miles ago from the original owner. All of the maintenance was done at the dealership(i've got the records). I don't see anything about the trans being serviced, but if it was supposed to be done at any of the regular service intervals, i would bet that it was. She had the 100k service done(h20 pump,thermostat,timing belt, cam+crank shaft seals, and new acces belts) right before i bought it.

Is there any way to test the ks without pulling the plenum off?
The turn signal didnt effect anything. The battery was replaced by the dealership in Nov. '03. I didnt check it, butI cleaned up the teminals/grounds when i did the plugs etc......I tried the AC on full blast and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.
Thanks for the input, i'll have the battery checked. But what about the knock sensor being bad? Wouldn't that cause something to change?(idle/lack of power/lower gas mileage,'bout 240-250 a tank)
Mine's been throwing the knock sensor code for who knows how long and I get better mileage than just about everyone on here with a first gen. Also runs great.
What kind of mileage are you getting? Like I said, i'm only getting on average 250 a tank. not bumper to bumper traffic, but not highway either. It's better than my old Jeep XJ, but still seems like i should get more.
Battery and alternator check out good. Oil is good, Trans fluid looks good. Oh yeah, and the air filter is pretty much brand new. Could be the fuel filter, though. I'm kinda stumped. I don't really want to just keep changing stuff 'just because'. Don't know when or if the fuel filter has been changed, so it may be a good idea to do that anyways.
Sorry for the lack of follow up. I changed the fuel filter because it was easy enough to do, and I don't think it had been done before. Feels a bit more energetic, but I think the vibration is the same/tiny bit worse. still havent done the knock sensor. What is the best way to check the motor mounts? Ive watched the engine while a friend shifted it from Park to Drive/Rev, and didnt really notice extreme movement, but i'm not an expert on engine movement.
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