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Looks interesting.
I have an '01 X and may consider as well..
Have you contacted JC for a photo or spec-out of the specific package they provide on the X??:D

We could definitely compare it to the known and accepted SL's and consult the elders/experts on this one...

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is this for real please tell me if this is real. I have been looking at lifts and SAS and different stuff and saw this. its crazy cheep am I getting something worth the effort or is this crap. :|

don't worry I did not spring for it or anything just super surprised by price and curious.

It was the first lift available or the X.

Its horrifically bad, as it wasn't meant to do anything except add 2.5" of lift.

Even with longer shocks, you ended up with less wheel travel than stock.

It uses a single leaf AAL for lift for example, and the UCA can't adjust for 3" of front lift, only up to 2.5"...and so forth and so on.

It doesn't include shocks.

The 3" SL kit from AC is a MUCH better deal for the money.

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