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Cast your vote for March XOTM!

  • TXterra37

    Votes: 6 17.1%
  • dananddanielle

    Votes: 2 5.7%

    Votes: 1 2.9%
  • Donatello21

    Votes: 1 2.9%
  • XterraVT

    Votes: 10 28.6%
  • Punkrockdrummerx

    Votes: 11 31.4%

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Json3904

    Votes: 2 5.7%
  • 08Xterra

    Votes: 2 5.7%

Vote Now for the March 2008 XOTM!

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The nominations are in and now it's time to cast your vote for the rig that is to be our March Xterra of the Month!

Here are the nominees:

Nominee #1: TXterra37

Nominee #2: dananddanielle

Nominee #3: ATL4X4BROOKS

Nominee #4: Donatello21

Nominee #5: XterraVT

Nominee #6: Punkrockdrummerx

Nominee #7: OUMOOSE

Nominee #8: Json3904

Nominee #9: 08Xterra

The polls will remain open until Monday morning and your votes will decide who gets to headline Club Xterra!
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I have deleted porn on here lately too. EEEK!
Damn! I miss all the fun sometimes!!!!!!
Woot!!! 10-10 as of now!
i have had to delete a couple from some other threads.... we went a while without any problem but now they have returned.... so if anyone ses one that hasent been deleted just let us know.. thanks your mod team......
soccerbrace said:
I have deleted porn on here lately too. EEEK!
do you still have the link.. I want to uhhhh... report them to the proper authorities :)
Congratulations to Punkrockdrummerx for being April's XOTM!!!

And I didn't even get to cast my vote! I spent all afternoon working on my X. CRAP!
Wow...not even a member of this forum a month and I win truck of the month!! Thanks everyone for voting for me I guess. I still think XterraVT should have won I say, and I don't know what else to put here because I am tired. So yeah...Thanks!

Wow all you guys have totally awesome moded xterras and mine is 100% stock. I feel unworthy. I hope to do a PML. But parents.....
:rocker-big:<---- that be you punky??

Congrats on the XOM!!
dang right punk better win this just look at that rig i mean comon its missing a door that beach is bada** mofo's what id call rugged!!
cbzdel said:
:rocker-big:<---- that be you punky??

Congrats on the XOM!!
use to be me, but my screen name has been the same since I was about 13. I am now 22 lol.
alright man, you gotta choose which of those pictars you want at the top of the forum
and ill get either anothony(if he knows how) or dan to change the pic
I choose the first picture. Sorry about the delay, I just got home from work.
All Goot Homes
the new XOTM is up, if you dont see it hit Ctrl+F5
Congrats!! (and by ONE vote!)

PS: Ricer, I can't change the XOTM pic on the header.
oh, well
then its all up to dan the man
(its hosted on anyway)
punkrockdrummerx said:
use to be me, but my screen name has been the same since I was about 13. I am now 22 lol.
thats quite the rig for being 22!!! either, spoiled kid, good paying job or no bills lol.. I am 23 and I can hardly afford anything. I make decent money and my and my g/f (who makes more than me!!!) live together and we are both broke :(
all in the budget man

im 24 and i own 2 trucks, rent is $970 a month
truck note, ins for mine and the wifes daily's
cell phone
and still can mod the shit out of my 4runner, lol

so, like i said, its all in the budgeting, ocne i get paid fo rhte tires i sold there will be even more mods on the way for the runner(the xterra is modified to exactly where i want it, it suits my needs perfectly)
well I started it when I was 18, so it has taken 4 years to get where it is now. A lot of it is budgeting and a decent paying job, and doing lots of on the side auto work that is tax free. I also have a second car which is my DD.
21 - 40 of 50 Posts
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