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First off: hello all!

I'm posting here (hopefully correctly) for help with a question that I have. I've searched and can't find an exact answer.

I have an xterra with a ka24de. I've had to get it rebuilt, so know I'm in the process of reassembling it. I did the cam swap from a 96 Altima since mine were bad and these were readily available. I have the dowel pins and sprockets lined as per JWT info. I had to move the cams while they were installed to get everything lined up correctly.

My question is this: Is it ok if the intake valves are open on the number three cylinder and the exhaust open on the number two cylinder? All others are closed.
I've attached some pics, I know it's a little hard to see. Any input is greatly appreciated. My apologies if this is a dumb question. I'm just always worried about something messing up. Excuse the mess in the background on the first pic. Lol.
Second pic is exhaust side and third is the intake side.[email protected]/S6w800[email protected]/7eY7Mg[email protected]/46k8Ju
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