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Valve Chatter

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So. 2004 3.3L VG33ER (supercharged). Warped the head due to overheating incident. Got the heads fixed, resurfaced and a few valves replaced. Put it all back together and now there is this gnarly tapping sound. I have scoured the forums for this engine and a few posts stated that it was just the hydraulic lifters not actuating because it was not up to good pressure. Freaked me out so we pulled off the drivers side valve cover and noticed no apparent damaged. I looked at pictures from a timing belt failure and that is not what seems to have happened here. Continued looking into it and many said just let it run and it will fix itself. So I did that today and it has not fixed itself. Sat and ran for about 20 minutes. I am kind of at a loss right now. Running it is nerve racking but I don't know what to do at this point. I am only throwing a P0300 code, multiple cylinder misfire due to cylinder 4 and 6 not firing. We pulled everything back apart and spark plugs were fine and ohm reading on the new wires was fine. I am going to try and attach a video so that you guys can hear this nonsense. any and all help is appreciated.
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