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unclehardrock's xterra

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unclehardrock's xterra...updated 5/19/09

so i figured it was about time i made a build thread on my x, seeing as so many other members have threads for their x's. my list of mods has gotten too long for my signature block, so if have any specific questions about what i've got on my x that isn't listed below or in the embeded threads, please post or pm away, i'll be happy to answer.


ok, so here she is bone stock

fog lights installed (hid bulbs and wired to run with just the parking lights on)

k&n cai installed

head unit installed

first set of subs(no longer in)

stealth box

scanguageII custom mount

lobo shelf

hurst t-handle shiftknob installed

prg 3" lift installed

cobra 19dx iv installed

custom lock box installed

here she is next to her little sister (the wife's x, i'm not allowed to touch this

xoskel low pro light bar installed

raingler roof rack handles (super simple mod, but makes getting up the roof way easier with the lift on)

the only thing that is not pictured is the superchips programmer, which if you own a 2nd gen and don't have one, go buy one. worth every penny. the unit does not stay in my x as i don't want it stolen and i already run a scanguageII for data.

that's it for my x. the only other thing about it that's probably different from almost every other 2nd gen out there....i don't have power locks or windows. yup, you heard me right, no power. why? i was on the lot looking the day i bought it, the only two things i really cared about when i got it were 4wd and the 6spd, since i knew i was going to mod it, and they made me a good i took it. do i miss them? nope....just one more thing that could break and i'd have to fix....and it's more money towards mods!

one more mod to come.....hopefully this weekend if the weather is nice and i have the as soon as the work is done!

stay tuned for more pics and mods!

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Nicely done man.
Love it, great X.
I'm dumbfounded, this is such a tramatic change!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! VERY VERY COOL!
Unclehardrock your 2nd gen is one of the nicest Ive seen. I hope that some day mine can look like yours.
Very nice X! Love the color!
So many good ideas!

Sweet X John!
looks good..... also i like your head unit,, i have the same but mine is the premier.... i love it....
6 speed AND no power windows? That's Studly!!
Glad to see people still know how to do it manualy!
That's a great looking rig man. Nice job on all the mods. I love the tire/wheel combo you went with. Perfect with that Xterra.
looks great, even for a second gen, just kidding!! its pretty sweet, love the lock box :)
niiiiiccee! man everytime i see a x wit those tires i wanna throw some on mine. makes them look mean. but im already half way done payin for them rims i got. so im gonna stick wit my original plans. and im workin on some kind of way to mount my subs into mine so i dont have to take the box out everytime i gotta carry the damn snowcone and hot dog machine around. haha but nice x dude!
i love that lock box idea! looks great! im really considering taking the carpet out of the back of mine and herc ing it and doing something w/ the dinky little hole in the 1st gens...dont really know what yet though
6 speed AND no power windows? That's Studly!!
Glad to see people still know how to do it manualy!
Haha thats how they're supposed to be!

Mines a 5-spd and no power windows. its got AC and a radio. thats all i need. i love it :)
real nice job unclehardrock - perhaps the shrockwks winch bumper to finish it off?
looks sooo much better with the new rubber and rims.:anbeten-big:
dude, great lookin rig. i want mine to look like that.
1 - 20 of 50 Posts
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