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Waste of money and time. The ECU for the Gen 1 trucks is so fragile that no one has been able to develop a tuner for them. If it could be done all of the big name builders would have them, that's why they don't exist.

It is possible to run a stand alone system but you are going to be spending big dollars to do so and unless your engine is heavily modified it's a complete waste of time.

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I'd stay away from that. It voids the engine & emissions warranties & if it actually gave +35 HP and +5 MPG A LOT more people would be using it.

If your looking for more, relatively cheap, HP:
1. Look into a cat-back exhaust
2. Replace spark plugs and spark plug wires
3. Take out the intake resonators and drop in a K&N or similar air filter.

Removing the resonators essentially creates a DIY cold air intake. This link has a good how to on the process:
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