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Hello, all.
I have a few days off coming up and I'm looking to do a tune up on my 2001 2WD. I wanted to get some input as to what type of replacements I should get. I'm looking to replace:
Plugs (NGK Iridiums/platinum?)
Cap and Rotor (any brand in specific?)
Oil change (I live in South Florida so what would u recommend for oil type?).
Air and cabin filters
Fluids (would like to eventually try Seafoam, but will probably wait till later and a lil more research)

I replaced fuel pump about 3 weeks ago after I was left stranded on the highway with a full tank of gas.

I also changed timing belt and water pump about 3 months ago.

Any other maintenance I should do?

Rig has about 156k and it's my DD. My commutes is roughly about 60 miles a day. I noticed that it runs a bit rough. Doesn't have same pick up as before. The forum has always been a great source for help and knowledge when it comes to repairs, maintenance and/or just plain laughs at some of the comments here. Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.
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