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I have a bypassed 2008 Xterra with 124k on the clock. During a recent trip to the NC Mts pulling a small travel trailer (2000 Lb. Casita) up some pretty steep grades, my AT overheated and the truck went into limp mode. After safely returning home, I did a poor mans flush (old fluid was pretty dark), I added a pretty large high end external cooler, an electric fan and a digital trans temp gauge. I've been keeping tabs of the temp which runs around 150' (in Florida). Climbs a bit more in stop and go traffic but I've never seen it go north or 175', until last week. I found myself back in the NC mts driving up a very steep, long (about 8 miles) grade. Despite the fact I was NOT pulling anything and it was only 68' outside & I was letting my engine do the work, my trans temp climbed steadily up to 206' before I crested the mt and began my decent, to which she quickly dropped back to the 150's. My questions are these: How high is too high before I need to be concerned? How high is too high before I need to do another flush? Lastly, what can I do to keep this from continuing, especially when I return to the mts again soon pulling my small travel trailer? Does any of this stem from the bypass? Will replacing the radiator and un-bypassing help? I sure love my Xterra but so far my Old 98' 4runner is proving to be a better, more reliable tow vehicle despite it being underpowered. Help!!

Thanks in advance,
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