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Hello Everyone.

I just bought a 05 nissan xterra 6 speed manual off road edition. if there is any xterra owner in Georgetown Ontario give me a shout. the truck has 172000km. has been serviced at Kitchener nissan all its life and i received the full service history. Now I have 2 problems with the truck.

1. While driving when i engage the clutch to change the gear the differential temperature gauge drops to the bottom and comes right back after engaging the gear. Is it a problem? it its supposed to be like that.

2. After i engage the 4x4L and then come back to 2wd the 4wd icon keeps flashing as if it didnt disengage from 4wd. What do you think the problem is and what will be the fix for it.

i read on the thread that if you replace the Rad early then you can get away from the transmission issue. The rad has been replaced on this at 150km. IT also got a new clutch, break master cylinder, transfer case and the differentials has been serviced from nissan. new head gasket. Pretty mych every major thing can go wrong has been done through nissan.

I hope it will be a nice truch with preventative maintenance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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