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Trailer Lighting Screwing Up

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I have a 2000 xterra with a trailer hitch and a 4-point wiring harness. The trailer lighting was working fine, until "The Beast" took a hit to the right rear corner.
The trailer "pigtail," that runs from the factory trailer plug... located under the right rear corner... has been replaced, but the lights are still acting up. They dim when I apply the brakes and both turn signals flash when I turn on the left signal. Nothing happens when I turn on the right signal.
The right tail light housing was smashed/cracked, so I'm guessing the wiring harness to the trailer plug is damaged.
Here's my main problem... inside the body, forward of the right tail light, there's a light blue box/relay. When I check the part number, it comes back as a speake/audio relay. Does this box also function as a relay for the trailer light system?
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