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I have a 2014 Jayflight swift 154bh that has a GVWR of 3200 lbs and a dry tongue weight of 290 lbs. I use a sway bar but no type of weight distribution system. I do notice I have a nose high attitude when towing and often have semi trucks flashing their lights at me thinking I have my high beams on. And at highway speed I'm very limited on power. I have a manual transmission and am typically in 5th gear when cruising and downshift to 4th or even 3rd to make it up grades all while averaging 10 mpg. Am I overworking my 2015 Xterra or is it made for this kind of work? A recent 800 mile trip made me rethink my decision to tow with an X, but I might be overreacting.
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It may depend on what you're set up for as far as hitch height relative to the height of your camper. If you're off level, it definitely messes with the towing dynamics and weight distribution. Is the camper generally empty, or full of 'stuff' when you tow it?

Also keep in kind, the GVWR is the maximum weight capacity that your camper is rated to. Its actual empty weight is 2425, with a 775lb payload, hence the 3,200 lb GVWR. So if your camper is empty, you're at about 50% of your towing capacity. If you're towing level, you're looking at a 290lb tongue weight. Neither of those should be shoving your nose end skyward as long as you're properly connected.

Can you take a picture of what your normal hitching set-up looks like?
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