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I have a 2014 Jayflight swift 154bh that has a GVWR of 3200 lbs and a dry tongue weight of 290 lbs. I use a sway bar but no type of weight distribution system. I do notice I have a nose high attitude when towing and often have semi trucks flashing their lights at me thinking I have my high beams on. And at highway speed I'm very limited on power. I have a manual transmission and am typically in 5th gear when cruising and downshift to 4th or even 3rd to make it up grades all while averaging 10 mpg. Am I overworking my 2015 Xterra or is it made for this kind of work? A recent 800 mile trip made me rethink my decision to tow with an X, but I might be overreacting.
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second on the trainer brakes. Stronger rear springs would help the nose up, or as suggested, a weight dist hitch.
Your X is plenty powerful for that camper, just don't load it completely down. You have a 5000 pound tow rating, but you must also go by the gvwr and axle ratings.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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