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total newb to my xterra audio... looking to undo my mistakes

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So I have a 2003 xterra totally stock

I'm looking to upgrade sound/ kill road noise at the sametime.
I never even knew I had rear speakers even.. lol

Either way I replaced the head unit with a generic bestbuy cheeapo to be able to use Blue tooth.
Replaced door speakers when they died with generic speakers too.
Tweeter fell out one day I just glued it back in.
So its been neglected to sat they least.

But now want to "upgrade" the interior sound instead of just noise with a rhythym

I'm confusd by a lot of terms, is there a good sticky with info?

1-Should I replace my HU and with what for good medium level quality.
Same goes for front and rear speakers.

I still use the rear for cargo etc So I dont think I want to add any spekers to the rear that stick out.?

I can upgrade speker wire too just dont to what form what I curretnly have
I am a total newb when it come sto audio. so I'm looking for direction/ help

I'm not looking for a high end system I'm all for a good high end quality but on a budget that does better than stock.
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Start with Lots of good info and products there. Not always the best price, but you can get a lot of guidance. I wouldn't mess with upgrading wire, unless there is a problem. Buy from Amazon, IMHO you will get the best price from them. You can also get radio to truck harnesses so installation is essentially plug and play if you are worried about that end. You might also look at your local install outfit. It might not be as expensive as you think. If you are looking for the best price for quality ratio, I have found matched sets are the way to go. That way you know all the components are sized appropriately.
Good Luck!
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