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TJ02X xterra pics

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since I've been on here I haven't posted too many pics,, reason being,, I don't have to many of the x

so the other day I decided to go out around my house and take some mild off road pics...

i had my winter tires on so i couldnt get too crazy..

here ya go,, let me know what everyone thinks...

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Sweet, thanks for the pics! Lookin good
Great pics!
i would like to add that if anyone thinks the rear end is sagging a little bit,,, its because both shocks were broke off at the bottom where they connect on the spring plates..... problem has been fix since this day,,, lol
Nice pics bro. Looks like you have some good stuff to drive around your house. Dumb question but that up near wapsy?
Shocks won't fix a saggy rear end.. I'll let Tj do the explaining since he prob has a file saved on shocks.. (he is the master of explaining how things work!)
shocks won't fix a saggy rear end.. I'll let tj do the explaining since he prob has a file saved on shocks.. (he is the master of explaining how things work!)
Looks good! And are those WinterForces? (Tread in some of the pics look like the pattern they have). I've gone in some stuff with those on I maybe shouldn't have, but make it out just fine lol
jgbimle - yup i live not even 10mins from the old wapsy..

timbo - yea i know they don't have anything to do with the ride height,, but it will let the body sage when in motion and it will let the rear end of the body raise a lot when breaking hard (unbolt them go down the road and do a break check... it will feel like the ass end comes up off the road,,lol)....and in some pics it is at the bottom end of a ridiculous bounce,,lol (also i have a 2" aal and adjusted the t-bars)

rjr162 - right on the dot.. all four are studded winterforce... i have them all studded because i climb cresson mountain everyday sometimes a few times a day and it just saves a heck of a lot on using four wheel drive.... they are awesome in the snow,, but pack full when is really smeary mud, than they don't seem to want to clean out to well...
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Here are some pics of the body lift... I'm doing this from my phone.. so it may take a little time to post them all
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Lookin good. The added height makes it look beefier
looks tons better now!
Thatnks guys... I agree.. it looks so much better.... this is how it should have
Looks great!!

What tires are those? Haven't seen them before
Thanks.... and they are coopers new tire out... the discoverer st maxx
Are you getting much rubbing with those wheels sticking out like that after the BL?
Not anymore lol... I trimmed the bumper a little... and trimmed the plastic behind the wheel....
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