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Hello - I am so sorry to post yet another TIRE question. I would greatly appreciate feedback - thank you.

Need to replace my 2002 Xterra SC Tires and was hoping to go BFG/KO. However they are telling me that they no longer make them in 17 inch.
What is a comparable 17 inch tire? Size on vehicle - 265-R17

Current are 245 / 70 / R17 Cooper Discover

Uses - Central Ontario - Traction is priority - road, highway, no offroad, like to be able to navigate and have traction in deep snow and some cottage roads when in mud/snow/ice season (not offroading, just getting in! Had to 4L on cottage road last weekend on the ice/snow pack with mud melt mixed in). Quiet ride on highway would be great. Year round.

(i'm not really a noob, was here in 2002 when I bought. My X is now at 89K, 5 speed, SC, never given me any grief and lady driven.)
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