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So I am in the market for a used Xterra. My 2002 manuel transmission, manual locking hubs 4x4 limited slip sport package is more than tired now. I am told the middle years of the Xterra had timing chain issues (my 2002, I guess, had a belt). My budget seems to land me at around a 2008 or 2009 model with around 100,000 miles on it.

1: Is there a year this chain issue was corrected?
2: Should I be concerned about it?
3: The most important of my questions. The miles I'm looking at in a newer xterra would put it just past the recommend miles to replace the chain (I think). I don't want to buy a used xterra and find out I need to immediately spend another 2 grand having it's belt replaced. Other than having some kind of record, is there a way to find out if that service was done?

This any any other advice you can give a dedicated Xterra owner in finding that newer model.
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