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I bought my '04 Xterra from Kelly Nissan near Easton, PA for the ungodly sum of $10,000 under the assumption (provided by them) that they had taken care of ALL of it's needs at the time of purchase, and that I would be good to go for a long time. All of this promised by their smiling salesman. A year later, I am finding out this is far from the case. First I find all of the driveline fluids are ancient (diffs, M/T and transfer case) in fact, the M/T was full of water! When I opened it to drain fluids, literally 5 1/2 quarts of translucent slightly brown crap came out. Obviously the vehicle had been in a flood! That's about the only way the trans could take in that much water. The rear end also howls loudly, even with brand new fluid change. A month later, a tire blows out.

However, nothing trumps what happened a few days ago. With only 98k on it, it dies going up a 1 1/2% grade at most. Engine won't restart. Just sputters and dies. When I try to crank it, it backfires through the intake, and cranks faster on two cylinders than the rest. Seems to me like the timing belt must have broken. I had a noise from the tensioner that went away after about a minute or two of running, and was told "That's just what the engine sounds like when it's cold". Seems to me like this could have been prevented by the dealership taking care of the timing belt like they were supposed to before selling it. After all, as we know, it's 105K OR 7 years, whichever comes first! Is it just me, or does this seem criminal? Whenever I tried to contact them, their service manager Jon Miller just blew me off and refused to talk to me, even when it was still supposedly under warranty.

I was led to this dealership under the guise of them being a place that would take care of their customer and give me a fair deal. Instead, I feel like I've been brutally raped and am left with a steaming pile of crap that is completely worthless, all while being out the ungodly sum of $10,000! I don't have $4,000 for a replacement engine, and am forced to buy some cheap rusty beater just to get around because I've been fleeced by this dealer. I swear, this is the last time I will ever buy anything from a dealership. There's a reason they call them "stealerships". The adage is correct.

I forget my salesman's last name, but his first name is Jarrett, and he's full of shit. A true snake oil salesman if ever there was one. Would lie to your face, kiss your baby, then stab you in your back. I'm disgusted with the place. Easily the worst dealership experience I've had. Even worse than my Cadillac from Gray Chevy in Stroudsburg.
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