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The X Wing - KChurch86

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So it's going to be slow-going, but here's my build! I'm starting off with the easy (cheap) things for my Stage 1, while my Stage 2 is a more "complete" off road machine build, and my Stage 3 is most-likely going to be a "here's what I'd do if I won the lottery" kind of list...but who knows, maybe I'll get to Stage 3 someday. We all had to start somewhere, right?

I decided to mark my "to do" list below with S1, S2, or S3 depending on what stage I hope to perform the mod.

The breakdown:
Stage 1: This includes things I've already done, things I've already bought and are waiting to be put on, and things I plan to do in the following calendar year.
Stage 2: This includes things I plan on doing within the next 2 calendar years. Stage 2 will probably be my final stage, unless my wallet grants me the privilege to do more.
Stage 3: If I make it to Stage 3, this list is my final build stage. Once these items are completed, I'll call my build DONE.

2004 XE/SE
Silver Lightning
3.3L N/A 4x4
X Stickers (As needed)
X Lights (As needed)
X Recovery Equipment (As needed)
X Remove mudflaps (S1)
X Remove rear sway bar (S1)
X Remove rails (S1)
_ Alternator (S1, S2, S3, as needed)
X Idler Arm Brace (S1)
X Remove intake baffles (S1)
_ Cherry Bomb Turbo muffler (S1/S2/S3, no rush)
X Paint headlight bezels/grille (S1)
_ Replace head unit, speakers, sub, amp. (S1/S2/S3, no rush)
|____X Head unit install done, have speakers but need to find adapter rings
X PML (S1)
X Horn (S1)
X Lobo rack (S1/S2/S3)
X Shocks (S1)
X Bedline lower body (S1)
X Tires (S1/S2/S3 as needed)
X Hood rod mod(S1/S2)
_ More lights (S2)
X Black 15" steelies (S1/S2/S3 no rush)
_ Power inverter (S2/S3)
_ On-board-air (S2/S3)
_ 2" BL (S2/S3, still not sure if I want a BL)
_ DIY Limb risers (S2/S3)
_ 3" SL (S3, but oh so close to buying UCAs right now)
_ Sliders (S3)
_ Skids (S3)
_ SAS (S3 and pretty unlikely)
X CB (S1)
_ Snorkel (S3, Parts purchased, project in motion)
_ Electric fan conversion (S3, Parts purchased, project in motion)
_ Shrockworks/ARB/custom bumpers, front and rear (S3)
_ Gobi rack/ladder combo (S3)
X Etc... (Never-ending...)

On to the photos:

Here's my X the day I brought it home. Not a ton has changed, as you'll see.

New exhaust put on a week later, it failed inspection so I had the work done for free. The guys ended up hanging it a little higher than stock, so the tip is barely visible from behind the bumper.

Put together my "essentials", I've since added a few more things but here's a good representation. Tools, ropes, straps, hooks, jumper cables, etc. are housed by the mortar tins.

Installed 5 Vision X driving lights, 3 up front and 2 in the back. 100W each!

In action:

Maglite mounted

Facelift time!

I really kind of like how the headlights look without bezels; except for the big gaps around the edges.

A closeup of the sun (and chemical??) damage to the grille.

First coat of paint on the grille, Krylon Fusion hammered silver.

Finished grille, two-toned it with the Krylon Fusion and Rustoleum bedliner (love that stuff).

Center lower valance

Bezels hanging to dry. Anyone lose a Ford hubcap?

Removed the rear sway bar, used some "unconventional" methods but got the job done. :D

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Nice man!

Keep the mods going! :D
Nice! I like the two tone grill.
You go Church !! Good job - and Keep up the good work !!
i think you should post up a vid of that horn in curious how loud it is...cuz ive notices the stock horn sounds quite girly.

nice grille
Wow drb, wow.

Just for that I'm waiting an hour.
Mounted the plastics, now I guess I really have to paint the bumpers, fender skirts, and side moldings (or just remove them). We'll see how that all goes :D

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Looks great! The painted plastics made a big diffrence!

I love how it looks! A while ago I fell in love with the black headlight bezels on the XE's. All the other SE features are great except for the silver bezels, IMHO.

Guess I'll have to buy 7 or 8 more cans of bedliner and do all the rest of it; haha
Originally posted by kizzolie: "i think you should post up a vid of that horn in curious how loud it is...cuz ive notices the stock horn sounds quite girly.

nice grille"
Thanks. There's some runs in it, but I'm not too concerned.

As far as the horn goes, I guess it's really not that much louder than the factory one. The tone is a little deeper, but not much louder. I used the factory connector, and the horn that I removed was also a FIAMM. I don't know if Nissan used FIAMM for their horns, or if mine was a replacement...but the new one's not that much different than the one I had in there.

I guess I should have went with the Hella Supertones.
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I really like the two tone job on the grille. I've never seen that before.....rep added!!! For a mild build you are getting a lot of stuff done.

That Ford hubcap is from a police Crown Vic. Probably came off in a U turn, or he pegged the curb wrong. I've lost a couple of them over the years....hey wait a minute, where are you at?
Thanks! :D I like doing two-tone stuff, masking stuff off can be fun so I figured I'd give it a shot.

A police Vic? Nice! Def. a keeper then. I left it perched by a tree for a month and nobody grabbed it. I'm in good ol' Hatfield, Massachusetts.
Removed the side molding (which can be found here, it's up for grabs if anyone wants it) and the fender molding. I'm keeping the fender molding, I haven't decided if I like the X with or without it.

Here's the X post body side molding removal, but pre fender trim removal. I think I like it more like this, but I can't decide. What do you guys think?

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Looks good it will look awesome with bedliner for a bumper.
I like em with...
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