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The Second X - CMD

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Well early October I totaled my X.. Still drivable but totaled.

November 11th I purchased a very suitable replacement.

Work done to the second X so far

  • Plugs
  • Wires
  • Radiator
  • Hoses
  • Sliders
  • Skids

More to come in the following weeks..
Here she is..
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Awesome to see you back in the saddle! :biggrin:

What year is your new X?
Is that janelles?

Sent from The Death Star
It's an '03 with 71000 miles

It was hers, yes.
Nice! I love the color!!!!:thumbup:

Sent from my N860
Damn.. that is what I want mine to look like. Its getting there ;D

GOod to see you came back to the X.
Very nice sir. See ya at Rausch some time this year.
Bought a bumper..
Front or rear?
Front.. ARB..

Wish I had 3 months for a Shrock but can't wait..

I think i'm still buying Brians rear bumper in the next month or so.
When we gonna see this truck at a run Sean?

I have been waiting for some pics, maybe a Taco Tues in the making?
Once she is running 90% or better i'll make a taco run.. Its tough as I'm at school near Cabelas so its a haul to get to jersey. Soon enough my friend.
Cool, how bout some more pics so we can see how she's coming along....
Once I get the bumper on I will post pics.
What'd you do to fit it with the body lift?
What'd you do to fit it with the body lift?
Cut off some support pieces.. I can post a pic tomorrow but I will be adding an additional support when it gets warmer. Its pretty solid as it is..

At the very least i want to box the frame horns a bit.
Did you strip the PINK or are you rocking it???
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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