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The Official KUMA Xterra! (Image Heavy)

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Mod List

  • Armor: Shrockworks Front Bumper w/ Custom Prerunner Bar
  • Armor: Shrockworks Rear Bumper w/ Jerry can holder
  • Armor: Shrockworks Sliders
  • Aux Lights: 2x IPF 900XS, 2x Hella 500, 2x Hella 700
  • Wheels: 16" Pro Comp 7089 series Black
  • Tires: 5x 30" x 9" Goodyear Duratrac
  • Steering: Calmini HD Steering

  • Lights: White Super Bright LED Dome Lights
  • Lights: White Super Bright LED Map Lights
  • Utility: Custom Switch Panel w/ guard
  • Sound: Pioneer Head Unit w/ Ipod
  • Sound: 12" Dual Subwoofers mounted in Plexiglass
  • Sound: Rockford Fosgate 100 Watt Amp
  • Navigation: Garmin V GPS
  • Storage: Custom "KUMA" box w/ sleeping surface
  • Storage: Lobo Shelf

  • Air: DIY Cold Air Intake
  • Exhaust: Shortened tail pipe w/ down turned tip
  • Other: Aftermarket Performance Radiator


First off what is KUMA? Kuma is japanese for the word Bear! No I know it doesn't look like a bear but I did name my truck after my best bud! For my 14th birthday I received a black lab/golden retreiver mix puppy! My brother served an LDS mission in Japan and suggested the name... Ever since I have used the name for Gaming, Xterra, Online, Email, etc etc etc.

This is the Kuma!


And here is my stock 2000 Nissan Xterra SE as of July 27th, 2007 exactly one day after my birthday and only 1 week after purchasing it. I know its blue and not black like I wish it was, if I knew my dad wouldn't kill me I would stealth it all!

First Day off road! Note ditched the mudflaps asap!

A friend convinced me to go four wheeling up Tibble Fork in American Fork Canyon. So we got some mud!

Then the reason WHY everyone says to get rid of step rails happened! (Yep thats me!) And that my step rails shoved completely back into my tires, I was unable to move, only option was to take off and four wheel the rest the way down the trail with the rail strapped to my roof...

After that I decided the fake cheap chrome rocker panels needed to come off! And these are the officially the biggest PITA! I had to use a heat gun a full can of spraying "Goo Off!" and a plastic scrapper to finally remove all the glue and padding. I recommend NEVER put these on in the first place, mine came with them from the previous owner.

Next came tires and lights! Choice of rubber is 32" x 9.50" Dick Cepek Mountain Cat M/T. Lights received for christmas present are IPF 900XS, with a custom light switch mod I did mounting my switches on the center console please go here to see that!

Decided it was time to part with my motorcycle as I did not ride it much anymore so I sold my bike and purchased a Shrockworks Front Bumper. Had a special order made for a 2nd gen frontier style prerunner bar added on to my bumper order plus stainless skid plate! Ordered March 29th the wait began! Front Bumper install thread and pics can be found here!

May 19th got my bonus and decided a Shrockworks Rear Bumper was next, my parents also said they would pay for Sliders as my birthday gift, once again the wait began. In the mean time decided to move on to my new projects. Stealth Wheels, storage box with sleep surface, and LED upgrades!

Received my rear bumper sooner then expected! Pics of rear bumper can be found here!

Following month I received my highly anticipated Front Bumper! Not only was I waiting to see how it looked but so was alot of other people! Next month as well receiving my front skid plate....

I now currently stand at this point!

I have recently installed an AC 3" rear shackle adding 1.5" of lift to the rear with new 3" longer rear Bilsteins. Old shocks were so shock you can compress them with your hands and they stay compressed.

I also have but not installed yet Calmini Upper Control Arms, with Rancho Shocks, Sway-A-Way Torsion Bars for a 3" Front lift. Rear Rancho single Add-A-Leaf to add another 1.5" of lift making 3" in rear as well.

Not featured but will soon, LED upgrades, finished Storage Box with extensions for sleeping/work space. Rear back up lights, possibly a front light bar with Thor Mod. And much much much more! I am always dreaming up crazy new idea's.

Stay tuned! I will keep this thread up to date! :D Oh and a little laugh here a picture of me for all of you to see after I got rid of the long hair!
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Nice build up thread, I am loving the front bumper.
Nice project thread! Looks good!
We need a drooling smiley to adequately express things.
can you post a pic of your X straight from the side? i wanna see how far the shrock sticks out, and i just like seeing X's fromthe side w/ the rear carrier, it just looks so awesome like that!
great build up thread, in about a year, i bet your X will somehow be completely different, knowing you and your crazy mods.
Okay got a few of them here for ya...

Angle 1

Angle 2

Angle 3

And a different one...

I guess I dont have any even flat ground straight on from the side pics so I guess I will have to take some...

Heres a cool shot for the heck of it! But not a X pic really...
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Wish I was out there! seems like there are trials everywhere!
looks real sick man.

murder it out. though for real.
Kuma, that's some RIDICULOUS stomping grounds you have there. That would be fun just to get lost in.

Nice call on the lense flare in that one pic ;-)
Okay got a few of them here for ya...

And a different one...

I guess I dont have any even flat ground straight on from the side pics so I guess I will have to take some...

Heres a cool shot for the heck of it! But not a X pic really...
wow. your truck is sick. i really wish we had trails like that, prerunning type stuff, utah has everything!
Dude....excellent pics!

Makes me wanna move to Utah! LOL
Great pics!
sweet pics man....
Hey thanks guys! Yeah Utah is quite amazing! It really does have everything a lot of prerunning though where I like to go into the desert. I like it because its more remote then the mountains. However I can literally go from climbing a snow cover peak in 4 low to cruising across flat hot desert in less than an hour drive either way from my house. Utah is remarkable like that! And there is alot of undiscovered treasures still to be found thanks to the mormon pioneers. My friend always says Utah is only place you can go 4 wheeling, snow boarding, wake boarding, and skate boarding all in the same day with a completely different mountains and valleys.
man....wish that was like that here....snow on one side while hot on another side....
Yeah its really nice I love it but sometime we have really weird weather one day you are all bundled up and its negative degree weather the next day seriously and I kid you not because this happened 2 winters ago the very next day I was outside with friends in shorts and t-shirt.

Update: Got my sliders and now are installed! I will post pics later... Also I will redo my orignal post to highlight all my mods and give links to them, maybe also resize images. If the images are too big please tell me!
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