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Here's a nice list of the DIYs/How To's for y’all in one place. If you find or create a thread you think should be added PM RacerXXL and see if he can add it to the list.

1st Gen = 2000-2004
2nd Gen = 2005-2012

Any DIY that isn't Gen specific has no specification in the link title

General Maintenance
Accessory Belt Replacement S/C (1st Gen)
Alternator Cleaning and Rebuild (1st Gen)
Brake Pads and Rotors (1st Gen 2WD)
Brake Pads and Rotors (2nd Gen)
Brake Pads and Stillen Sport Rotors (2nd Gen)
Cabin Filter (1st Gen)
Clutch Install 3.3L (1st Gen)
Corner, Marker, Parking Light Replace (1st Gen)
Differential Drain/Re-fill Front/Rear (1st Gen)
Distributor Cap and Rotor (1st Gen)
Distributor Rebuild Bad Bearing (1st Gen)
Drive Belt Tensioner (1st Gen)
Engine Rebuild VG33E (videos) (1st Gen)
Exhaust Manifold Replace (1st Gen)
Fuel Filter (1st Gen)
Fuel Sender (1st Gen)
Heater Core Cracked Nozzle (1st Gen)
Heater Core Replacement (1st Gen)
Knock Sensor Replacement (1st Gen S/C)
PCV Valve VG33E (1st Gen)
P/S Pressure Hose Replacement (1st Gen)
P/S Gearbox Re-build (1st Gen)
P/S Gearbox Seal Replacement (1st Gen)
Quest Alt. Install(1st Gen)
Rear Hatch Strut Replacement (2nd Gen)
Rust Repair
Spark Plug Replacement (1st Gen S/C)
Starter Replacement V6 (1st Gen)
Seafoam (1st Gen)
Timing Belt Replacement (1st Gen)
Thermo Control Element - Wax Pellet- (1st Gen)
Transmission Filter Replacement (1st Gen)
Transmission Drain/Re-Fill Automatic (1st Gen)
Valve Cover Gasket (1st Gen)

3rd Brake Light (1st Gen)
3rd Brake Light (2nd Gen)
Aux Fuse Block
Blower Motor (1st Gen)
Engine Codes (1st Gen)
Engine Bay Lighting (1st Gen)
Fan Motor Resistor Replacement (1st Gen)
Fog Light Bypass (2nd Gen)
Fuel Level Sensor (1st Gen)
Gear Selector Light Replacement (1st Gen)
General Wiring (1st Gen)
Hella FF75 Install (1st Gen)
Hella 500s (1st Gen)
Hella 500 HID Conversion (1st Gen)
Horn - Adding A Louder One (1st Gen)
LED Dome Light (1st Gen)
LED Parking lights (1st Gen)
Light Switch Panel(1st Gen)
Power Inverter
Remote Start (1st Gen)
Thermo Control Amplifier A/C (1st Gen)
V-HIDS (2nd Gen)
Winch - Quick Disconnect Power Supply
Window Regulator/Motor Replacement (1st Gen)

Bracketron Custom Bezel Mount (2nd Gen)
CB Antenna Mirror Mount (2nd Gen)
CB Antenna Rear Mount (2nd Gen)
Cobra 75WXST (1st Gen)
Cobra Ultra III (1st Gen)
Garmin Nuvi 700 (2nd Gen)
Homelink Setup
iPod/Smartphone Mount (1st Gen)
PAC AAI-NIS2 Audio Adapter (2nd Gen)
Pioneer AVIC F700BT (2nd Gen)
Pioneer DEH-P6000UB (1st Gen)
Rear Speaker Install (1st Gen)
Speaker Access (1st Gen)
Speaker Removal(2nd Gen)
Tweeter Install (2nd Gen)

Cheap On-Board Air (2nd Gen)
Curt Hitch Install (2nd Gen)
Fishing Rod Holder (1st Gen)
Front Grill Install(1st Gen)
Hi-Lift Holder (1st Gen)
Hurculine (1st Gen)
Jerry Can Holder (1st Gen)
Lev-O-Gauge Install (2nd Gen)
Monstsaliner Your Hood
Mount A Winch (1st Gen)
Painting Trim (1st Gen)
Re-Build Rad Mount (1st Gen)
Rear Diff Breather Extension (1st Gen)
Rear Diff Breather Extension (2nd Gen)
Shovel Holder No.1 (1st Gen)
Shovel Holder No.2 (1st Gen)
Shovel Holder No.3 (1st gen)
Shovel Holder (2nd Gen)
Tire Carrier, Rear Bumper
Turn Signal Mod (1st Gen)
The Riehle Mod" Beer Holder! (1st Gen)
Windshield Washer Nozzle Upgrade (1st Gen)

Bike Rack (2nd Gen)
Cargo area storage box (1st Gen)
Cargo Bed (2nd Gen)
Cargo Organizer (1st Gen)
Cheap Digital Thermometer (1st Gen)
Console Cooler (1st Gen)
Headliner Fix (1st Gen)
Headliner Replacement (1st Gen)
LOBO Rack (1st Gen)
LOBO Rack (2nd Gen)
Shovel Holder (1st Gen)
Sunglass Compartment Install (2nd Gen)

Cheap CAI (2nd Gen)
Get The Most From Stock Intake (1st Gen)
Header install AC(1st Gen)
Header install Doug Thorley(1st Gen)
Homemade Snorkel (1st Gen)
Intake Manifold Spacer vg33 (Gen 1)
NISMO CAI (1st Gen)
NISMO Catback (1st Gen)
Supercharger (2nd Gen)
Snorkel Low-Pro (1st Gen)
Snorkel 2 (1st Gen)
Volant CAI Install (2nd Gen)
Paint can air box (1st Gen)

2" Body Lift (1st Gen)
2" PRG lift (Gen 2)
$65 Body Lift (1st Gen)
Axle/CV Replacement and Rebuild (1st Gen)
Axle/CV Replacement (2nd Gen)
AC UCA (1st Gen)
Bilstein Shock and Calmini Idler Arm Brace Install (1st Gen)
Calmini AAL (1st Gen)
Differential Drop (Front) Install (1st Gen)
Droop Stop Install (2nd Gen)
EBC Performance Brakes (1st Gen)
Idler Arm Brace AC (1st Gen)
Idler Arm Brace Calmini (1st Gen)
LBJ Replacement (1st Gen)
Melt Mod (2nd Gen)
Painting Your Wheels
PML Install (1st Gen)
PML Reference Thread (1st Gen)
PRG Mini Lift (2nd Gen)
R&R Axel Shaft (2nd Gen)
Rancho Steering Stabilizers (1st Gen)
Replacing Stock Auto-Locking Hubs with Manual-Locking Hubs (1st Gen)
Sway Bar Removal (Rear) (1st Gen)
Torsion Bar: Indexing (1st Gen)
Torsoin Bar: Re-Indexing (1st Gen)
TPMS Light Diag. (1st/2nd Gen)
Wheel Bearings Front/Hub Service (1st Gen)

Front Bumper (1st Gen)
Skids (1st Gen)

OBA (On Board Air)
OBA install (1st Gen)

Links (2nd Gens)

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yea little

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wow this is cool, thanks man, def a sticky, rep points for you!!

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This should have a sticky! Great job my friend!

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Nice work bro!...makes life on this forum a little easier

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holy crap. nice work. you know if you get board i'll have a motor you can help me drop in. ha ha.
Lol well not only am I willing to help I'm trying to get my buddy to help too.

Mods maybe we could get with and maybe clubfronty and get one giant how to/diy together so maybe get more ideas of mods etc...also I'll start another thread/poll I know I'm an iPhone user maybe someone out there would be willing to do an xterra app...again maybe work with the admins of the other popular sites that we all are crossover members to and make them iPhone friendly...just an idea I have no idea if there is enough demand for it.

And thank you all...yes was a little board at work, has something like this and I thought it was a great idea so I borrowed it and applied it to here...props should go to the person who started it over there...

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Thread started...start a poll for me...workin on my iPhone here lol

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Nice Monster. Rep given. I'm glad a couple of my write-ups made the list. :) Thanks.


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ok ok for those of you who made the write up...props to yall...for those of you who made write up that didnt make the list...either your main post wasnt titled correctly so i didnt know if it was a write up or just a question or it didnt have pictures (pictures were a must in the write ups....if there was only one topic then it just got added w/ or w/o pics) so sry to those whos write ups didnt make the list...i just PM'd the guy who did newx's list (also an admin) to see if he would allow me to link to their list...i know there are several mods on there that we dont have...the more ideas the better
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Just saw this. Rep points for you!
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