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Test Driving the 2nd Gen. Xterra

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So I am new to this forum but have been around VW/Audi forums since I was 16 (now I am 21). I have been in a VW for 5 years and need an SUV. So I am looking at the 2005+ Xterra. I am going to look at the first one on the list tomorrow. It is a 2006 S 4x4 6spd, the only down fall is it has lots of miles, 80k. The lady I talked to said she lived 60 miles from work and drove that daily. Now they live near where I live and dont need the Xterra. I am mechanically inclined, replaced turbos, rebuilt 2 engines and such.

I searched for things to look for on a used Xterra and after 5 pages of stuff unrelated I gave up.

So what are the main things to look at on a used 2nd gen. Xterra?

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So when the belt tensioner goes out the acc. belt goes out? or is it the timing belt goes out? When the timing belt goes out on the 4.0 does it cause valve and piston damage?
Ok that is no biggie ^^. Good thing its not like the VW where if it goes out there is alot of things to fix.

So I drove it around and love the 4.0L in that car with the 6spd. The only cars I have driven with a manual was a Jeep Wrangler with a shot engine and a 78 VW rabbit diesel with 48hp. 265hp manual is awesome. But it did have an oil leak and an odd noise when about 2k RPM. GF said it sounded like the engine was going to die. So I passes on it

Here is another ???:

When started up does it idle high and make a louder noise? Is there a pump or something that goes on when warming up?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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