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Test Driving the 2nd Gen. Xterra

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So I am new to this forum but have been around VW/Audi forums since I was 16 (now I am 21). I have been in a VW for 5 years and need an SUV. So I am looking at the 2005+ Xterra. I am going to look at the first one on the list tomorrow. It is a 2006 S 4x4 6spd, the only down fall is it has lots of miles, 80k. The lady I talked to said she lived 60 miles from work and drove that daily. Now they live near where I live and dont need the Xterra. I am mechanically inclined, replaced turbos, rebuilt 2 engines and such.

I searched for things to look for on a used Xterra and after 5 pages of stuff unrelated I gave up.

So what are the main things to look at on a used 2nd gen. Xterra?

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the 4.0L engines in the 05 to current models run timing chains btw. So no need to worry about breaking like on engines with timing belts.
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