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TerraX's 2000 X. "Bulletbeast"

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Alright guys, Guess I've done enough little things here and there to start one of these so lets see what I can come up with.

Username: Xado89(XN) / TerraX(ClubX)
Truck Name: The Bulletbeast
Year: 2000
Trim: Se 4x4
Color: Silver Ice/Bedliner

K&N Drop In Filter
Resonator Delete Mod
Optima Red Top
Magnaflow Catback Duals w/Bedlined Tips

33x12.50x15 BFG KM MT's
Old Skool Custom Bedlined Hardbody Rims
Bilstein 4600 Series Shocks Front & Rear (For the 3" SL)
2" BL

Reese Hitch With "Snickerdoodle Style Hitch Flip Mod"
Bedlined Sides
Bedlined Hatch
Bedlined Roof Rack
Bedlined Bumpers
Bedlined Brush Guard

Bedlined Center Console area
Custom Pirate arm rest
Cobra Nightwatch CB w/10Ft Whip
Hurst 4x4 Shift Handle
3 Drawer Tool Box
Updated Medic Pack
Electric Blue Mag Lite
A Couple FUbars

Custom Lightbar w/4 KC HiLites (Spot Style)
Nova Electronics Strobe Kit w/10 Patterns & Dimmer (In Headlights)

Rear Sway Bar
Wheel Well Plastics
Door Plastics
Rear Corner Plastics
Step Rails
Hood Deflector

Current Stance:

This was my X when I first Brought it home.

Strobes Video: Only one pattern displayed.
Broke a CV, replaced:

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Nice rhino job. Looks sharp.
Thanks man, I plan on doing the front and rear bumper as well, the roof rack in it. Just gotta wait for a weekend again when I have more free time haha.
Looks good! Any vids of the strobes?
Not yet but ill deff get one soon.

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nice body work there!
Thanks! Really appreciate it, twas my first time ever doing something like this on a automobile lol. Tons of work to go still!
Very nice job. Keep working.
Nice man! I really like the paint job

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Ok, finally have a short clip of my strobes up. This is just 1 out of 10 patterns it has. The system also has a dimmer's more fun having bright ass strobes that will give your neighbors a seizure. :)

nice strobes what kind are they i have whelen competition 690 on mine along with the whelen edge 9m
That looks pretty sick man. I like the strobes, but just a heads up, if you dont have any affiliation with public safety red and blue strobes can get you in trouble. It looks like you just have the white strobes so Im fairly certain your good.
Honestly, I'll have to check what brand and stuff they are. I got them for free from my father and the labels were all worn off. he had them in his truck for about 4-5 years before he gave em to me.

Also, yeah I just have the white lights in them, Just did the headlights.
I wont argue with free. My pops said he's pretty sure they are from "Nova Electronics" if his mind remembers correctly. They work great so far nice and bright and all the different patterns work.
hell yeah i must of spent over a grand on my set up
Dang, you got the rear lights and everything hooked up though too, I just have my headlights.
I like your setup, it looks good man. You did a nice job wiring everything up.
1 - 20 of 65 Posts
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