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2000 Nissan Xterra SE 4WD 3.3L V6

Maybe a year or so a CEL came on for P0443 (EVAP Canister Purge Control Valve & Solenoid Valve), but I had no emissions coming up so I ignored it. Fast forward several months and I had emissions coming up. I brought my Xterra to my friend's garage, but he was pretty slammed so it was a few days before he could take a look at the car. I suddenly needed the car so he said I could come grab it, and I found his fancy Snap-On diagnostics tool plugged in and sitting on my driver's seat. I unplugged it, gave it to him and drove off. CEL was gone, so I assumed he had reset ECU / cleared the code.

After driving the car for a few weeks, several hundred miles, highway/city everything, the CEL still hadn't come back so I was like holy crap maybe I got lucky and the CEL disappeared. I took it to emissions, and it failed due to four systems not ready; they were the Catalyst, Evaporative System, Oxygen Sensor, and Oxygen Sensor Heated. I was like how the heck is that possible, I drove it for another month, a couple 200 mile round trips to VT from CT, and still no CEL. Took it back to emissions, same story.

I'm really trying to get this thing back on the road, and currently my friend is too busy to look at my car. I disconnected the battery and let it sit over night, next morning I plug in my little OBD II tool and turn on the car. P0443pending comes up pretty quickly after start. Same 4 systems show not ready, until after 20min of driving when P0325 (knock sensor) and P0325pending come up and at the same time, Catalyst and O2 heated say ready.

Every time I turn off the car and start it back up again, the systems say not ready and it goes back to just P0443pending, then after a bit of driving goes back to P0325 and Cat and O2Heated ready.

Does anyone have any idea how this is possible or what is going on here?

Thank you,
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