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Stinger Edition Build/ Adventure Thread

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Ok well this is long over due I think. I have trolled this forum for about seven months and have commented and started some of my own threads and also have done some of the diys. So I will start with some pics then some up coming ideas. I am going to use this as a dual purpose thread to help with my build and a place to talk about some trail rides that I go on. Heres the pics;

Fresh and before club x,

My sticker that is always a conversation piece when i miss days at work;

My first add on was a 2inch bl that I bought from a fellow xer, and the lights and light bar. It is similar to a bnm bar. I made it with a grinder, hammer concrete wall for the curves and a drill. It is painted with rubberized undercoating;

I also added a CB,

My new diy snorkel

And last but not least I just bought a full set of skids off of cl for 200 and I have sanded down all the surface rust and cleaned out all of the scratches on the skids. I am painting them blue then putting them on hopefully before friday. They are from skid row and it is the front engine trans and tranfer case skid. This will replace my broken from coal creek stock skid, lol.

The front skid will be blue with a pic of a angry hornet still in black. Sorry this was so long
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The up coming is a pml, all fluids change, want to replace the hubs, new shocks, beefier steering, tinted front windows, new tires, sliders, then hopefully bumpers.
Ok well I got the shackles for the pml and a bonus got a used iab, thank you echo_nine (think i did that right). So this weekend is sanding down those two parts and painting the blue as my skids are. I have two of the three skids on and will add the last one when I do the pml. I have to get the camber bolts to get an alignment after the pml. Can I have them cut out the old ones or is it cheaper to do it my self?
Great deal on the skids!

I have to get the camber bolts to get an alignment after the pml. Can I have them cut out the old ones or is it cheaper to do it my self?
It'll be much cheaper to do it yourself.
Ok so here is the pic of the iab and shackles that I got courtesy of echo_nine. Sanded painted and ready to go on next week.

Here is me trying to get a cool pic in my driveway to self nom myself for xotm but failed

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Well guys I am back. It has been a while since I was on here full time. I have been a little busy qith a job transfer and moving. We moved to Calhoun, ga and really like the area. My plans have not change for the x.
^^Just think you are that much closer to Coal Creek :)
Well this week i am going to do my pml.

Friday I will be getting a used set of 32 tsl's on black bullet holes. I will post pics up when they are installed.

Going wheeling sunday.
So the lift didn't go as planned damn torsion bolt.

I did get new wheels that had SS TSLs already on them. They are 32/10.50/15.

I wanted 11.50s but for 100 bucks this will do for now.

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Looking good!

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Now your talking. I like the progress.
Ok so I am really happy with the pml. I like the height and note its time to start making my sliders.

I think I am going to do a one bar set up but plan to have them finished by the end of august. Any one got any metal they want to get rid of?
That looks really good, YB.

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Thank you.

So last weekend i went to beasley know here in north ga. Here is a few pics from my trip.

I have a few more I have to put then on photo bucket
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