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I had someone sit in the driver's seat and pull in and out on the steering wheel. I've been noticing telescoping play, maybe 1/4 inch. I watched the engine bay and when she pulled the steering wheel in and out, the round (U?) joint moved in and out, sort of flexing, meaning the 4 bolts which connect that area together and whatever they bolt together. Should there be flex in that area? Should I simply loosen the bolt below that section and pull the steering column lower and retighten in order to remove that telescoping play?
I am probably describing this in lousy terms.
I want to fix anything that might be worn out in that (U?) joint but I've found nothing online which describes what I am experiencing nor does anything in the FSM describe the joint I mention. If it is just a matter of the steering column needing to be pulled down lower on the grooved part and tightened, I will do so but I want to make sure nothing is worn out in the steering.

Thanks for any input.
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