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Starlight Headliner

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Nice mod if you are taking out the headliner for reupholstery.
Found a nice spot next to the rear hatch interior light to cut a nest for the controller.
Tapped into the same light for power, and the door lock switch becomes the on/off switch.
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I wanted to do something like this! If I end up revisiting my headliner I just might.
If you do, just don't try to use a drill to make the holes. Use a thick pin.
The drill will eat up the headliner material.
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Where did you get that kit?

I'm considering doing the headliner in mine soon and this would be a cool idea. Does it change colors or stay just the one you showed?
Got it from Amazon.. Mine is the 200 light kit, around $70.
The lights can be anything...Multicolor, all one color, built in mic that chases with music, really cool.
Pictures don't do it justice. In person they look really sweet.
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that is pretty neat actually
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