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Hi, I just purchased a used 2006 4 wd Xterra less than two weeks ago. For the first few days everything ran smoothly. Now when I come to a stop or a light and have to sit for more than a few seconds all of a sudden the pressure just drops to 0 and it turns off. I can always start it back up right away by gassing it and If I keep my foot on the brake and gas I can keep it from stalling out. The dealer who sold us looked at it and said it was the Mass Air Flow Sensor so we had that replaced and it was stalling out pretty much right after. For a few days we drove with OD off and it wasn't stalling. Now its starting to stall at most of the stops. My husband says it has been smelling like coolant though their are no noticeable leaks. Any ideas of where we go from here, what parts we should look at replacing or fixing would be greatly appreciated!
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