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Sold the 'ol girl and don't need these anymore. They were all purchased from Lia Nissan in Colonie, NY. The studs and nuts are "Nissan Genuine Parts", I think the gaskets are Walker. Total they're probably worth $150 or so, but they're too much of a pain to try and sell online individually so a friend suggested I make a forum member's day. You pay the shipping and they're yours. If you want to throw a few extra bucks my way as an added thank you that'd be swell too.

Not sure how this typically works, but first to PM me their address and paypal email gets it. I'll ship the parts sometime this week and message back the shipping cost. I plan on shipping however is cheapest unless you request otherwise in your message, in which case I might ask that you pay upfront due to the typical 2x or 3x shipping cost increase.

Thanks and happy Xterra-ing!

Here's a link to the pic of the parts, not sure what lame picture hosting limits there are on this forum now:

6x 14094-JG30A Nut
6x 14094-4P110 Nut
6x 14064-7B00A Stud
7x 14064-4S100 Stud
2x 14064-4S000 Stud
2x 14064-31U1A Stud
1x 256-535 Gasket
4x 31559 Gasket
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