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Hey guys;

I'm looking for some guidance on my AC problem. About a week ago, I was driving 9 hours back to the city where my house is, when one of my belts started squealing for a few seconds. I pulled over, just to check it out, and it appeared it had been slipping over my compressor pulley (some smoke, burning smell, possibly clutch?).

When I got home, I hadn't heard the noise again, but I did notice there was a slight metallic sliding/grinding noise, no matter if the AC was on or off.

Now, a week later, the sound has gotten significantly worse, and I'm sure my AC clutch is totally shot.

Here's a video of it slipping (First part AC is disengaged, second, engaged):

Basically, is it more worthwhile to change the whole compressor (this is a big pain) or could I choose to change out just the clutch (significantly smaller pain).

Thanks very much for any assistance!

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I dont think the problem is in the clutch ,its the compressor locking up causing the clutch to slip and now there is a flat spot on the belt. I think you have add freon and no oil . You can change the clutch only but i think the compressor is almost dead.
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