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Or something like that at least.
OK here it goes, bought on Nov 30 2011, early X-mas gift for the family, been shopping for a few weeks, and dreaming of one for 11 years, ever since they came out I knew I had to get one some day. Grew up in the Mountains of Southern California off roading in a home modded Subaru that was my first car, followed by a 280z that I got a month later. The Z was great for the roads, fast and not hard at all to work on, the Subaru shined in the snow and off road.

Moved from up there about 16 years ago to Oklahoma, still doing the Z for high speed asphalt fun, and the Subaru with tractor tires on it for off roading. Built most of my mods on both.

I have owned several sports cars, mainly 280z's, 300Z's RX-7's and a WRX. Had a S-10 lightly modded while stationed at Fort Drum, it got banged up, and abused, but always got me home somehow. Acquired a Jeep Cherokee, wanted to mod it, but spent most of the mod money fixing it. I almost always try and upgrade when I repair, but sometimes it is just not possible, I was a E-3 in the army at the time.

Anyways now I have my 2008 X S edition. It has just the right bells and whistles that I want, without too much stuff to break or worry about.

I am going to see where this adventure takes me, so many things on my list to think about, and debate about before I make those steps.
Here is how she looked by the time that I got her home, the dealership told me to bring it in sometime for a detail job, I might do that in a few days after I get some more mud on her, I had to drop some paper work back off there, and it looked like this.

That night me and the wife removed the running boards, and mud flaps, and we might still remove the sway bar in a few here, I will take pics of that process as well.

It will be in this thread here

I will try and do entire build ups of everything that I do, thought about it with the steps and mud flaps, just those weird plugs on the rear were a little tricky to get out, but other than that it was straight forward, and if my wife was able to get a mud flap off on the rear, and replace the bolts in 25-30 minutes, if you can change a tire, it will take you about 5-10 minutes tops. She had never even used a ratchet before, so this is going to be her learning experience until it is built enough to get a project car.

We also have a 08 Suzuki SX4 that was bought brand new from the dealer, it still cost less new than my X lol. It is my commuter/ DD. 38-42 MPG on the freeway doing 65-75 saves a lot of money for upgrades, and trips to the mountains here to off road and take the family camping, fishing, and whatever else we decide to do.

And my reasons for the X and the one that I got, it has power windows, 2nd generation, better loan rate on the 08 with 40k then any 04 or older with 100k. Less maintenance upcoming. Got the Auto for the ease of teaching the wife how to drive off road, greater towing, when we move we are towing the Suzuki, wife hates driving in citys, DC is her worst nightmare. Of course how great the truck is stock, and how many mods you can do for cheep on it. It fits our family perfect, we have two girls 6 and 7, and our son turns 1 in a few days. We love camping, fishing, hunting, and just being out doors, and the poor Suzuki gets hurt a lot, scratched and dented underneath, skid plate for it is on the way, ordered it before we found the X, but armor is coming to it soon.

Anyways this is a killer long post, and I will stop for now, but I will be doing more work on it and trying to document it all on here, as well as routine maintenance just so I can keep track of it, and what I am doing to her.

· And the build begins
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OK missing parts so far,
Sway bar check

Running boards check

Mud flaps check

OK so I have ripped out just about everything that is too easily broken, planning out what to do next, decisions decisions, I have a few plans, have to see what opportunity's come knocking.

· And the build begins
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Wow it has been a while since I have updated this, but work has done it's toll along with a new hobby of flying model helicopters and planes/gliders. I will add some more picks soon with the work I have done, and what I have ahead of me.
I have installed LT285/75/16 BFG/AT KO's the 8 ply ones. Other than a bad install on the drivers rear that had it leaking from the tire stem, I love these tires. I have been able to confidently and constantly go places that I would not have thought about with the stock tires without airing down, and aired down they are nothing short of amazing. I just completed a road trip to Cape Cod Massachusetts from the D.C. area, and they did much better than expected. Less hum on the highway, and totally new handling on the truck. I can not corner quite as well as before, granted I have never had the truck that full before either but it was the same empty.
I am preparing to do some fluids on the truck, I will be researching ATF fluids to find the best, I have already got the oil and dif fluid, still deciding on paper or cotton for the air filter, and looking for the best oil filter for my needs. I am finding the truck living off road about 1/4-1/8th of the time, funny how we wash it, and take a trail on the way home.
I have a few maintenance issues that I still need some more research on, my heater gives no heat until it gets above idle, I was wondering if that is common on the later 2nd gens? I at first thought it was the thermostat but it cycles in the radiator properly from watching it as it warmed up at idle so that makes me look in another direction.
I got a Garmin 1370t off of Amazon, the battery in it is dead, going to see what the company does about it, the correct socket and a new battery would be enough to make me happy.
Me and the wife are in the process of quitting smoking, it is a bad habit anyways, and we would rather spend money on the helicopters and the X, there are so many not so shiny things we want for it.
On deck pending any other maintenance issues after changing all of the fluids, and giving it the head to toe inspection will be sliders.
Step two is still up for debate, either skid plates, or a 2 inch suspension lift to gain some articulation, and choosing some type of adjustable shock that is good quality. It costs about the same for full quality skids, or quality long travel adjustable suspension, I am leaning towards the skids at this time with where I am traveling, some rocky centers that I straddle ruts to avoid, lift does not help there, but the plates will if and when I slip off of one.
Arg always something that I try and do, or plan for the truck, and after the suspension lift it will not fit in our garage with the roof rack on, but since I like it, and will be using it down the road for a safari basket, and 360 lights, it must stay, and I will have to take it to the auto shop to work on her... Hard to do when you work nights.
I will post pics in the next few days, she does good on gas on the highway, I was getting between 256-350 miles per 17-18 gal.
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