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If there is I can't find it~!

Greetings X-ers, introducing myself for my first post--- I'm Dave from the high desert of SoCal--- Victor Valley~! Bought a 2013 S last year and am beginning to upgrade from stock. What I am looking for are receiver hitch photos on the Gen2 X's. Specifically, factory vs aftermarket receiver mounting photos that show the amount of over hang, or how far receiver sticks out from stock rear bumper.

From my research up to now I've seen lots of aftermart receivers that poke out so far it's serious shinning potential is not acceptable for me, not to mention the loss of some break-over angle when on the trail.

From the online Nissan dealer pics of factory mounted receivers, they APPEAR to be nearly flush with the bumper, hence less shinning potential. Carousing my local dealers so far has not turned up an X with factory receivers mounted. Any visuals would be appreciated.

And as I have not found specific Thread/Topic for Towing I wonder if that might be a worthwhile addition for this forum.

Kind regards, Dave Kay
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