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Show us your rear tire carrier!

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Post up pictures of your rear bumper with tire carrier.

I didn't see a thread for rear bumper pics. Mods feel free to delete if this thread exists.
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There are a couple of options.

We use the dual heims on the standard xterra because they are ridiculously strong and allow for adjustment.

On the one with the dual cans we had to extend the swing arm and used a spindle mount with Timkin bearings. Again crazy strong, smooth operation but no adjustability.

The other option is to use a piece of DOM and a Delrin Bushing. Basically a high strength plastic bushing and a bolt. Basic, simple, not as smooth of an operation and no adjustability but it works.
Its not bad. Takes a lot more fab time than using a Delrin bushing. The heims are RH 5/8"x5/8" and we use a custom weld in bungs for ours. There is no need for a locking nut because the heims basically support each other. Once bolted on they won't move.

I have no idea on the cost factor since I buy the heims 200 at a time. I'm sure it would cost more to just buy 2.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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