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Greetings from Kitchener Ontario.
Brand new owner of an 07 gray Xterra with the Off Road trim.
I love this truck and I my intention is to keep it for a long time...the previous owner was very good with maintenance and he caught the infamous SMOD issue early enough, that it had no time to reach the transmission..
This was last year and about 20 000 kilometers far so good.

But there is another issue, that will need to get addressed eventually, as I believe it is just starting.
It is the equally infamous timing chain guide issue...right now i just rolled over 216 000 and it is starting to develop the whine, which I believe is most likely related to the worn out guides.
Here is the problem...after watching some youtube videos, I have realized that this is an incredibly involved process and there are items that need to be addressed, which are not even covered in the Haynes manual...even if i had all the special tools and a shop at my disposal, this one is way beyond my skill set level.

Basically it is the equivalent of a very, very delicate brain surgery, where too many things could go wrong and should only be done by an expert, whom has intimate knowledge of the Q40 engine...obviously this needs to be performed by someone whom is very organized and has already done this before.
I need to find someone who has the experience to make the right decisions in the correct order, instead of going int the "trial and error" type of a mode and just trying to figure out stuff on the fly (which would probably be any mechanic who haven't worked on the Nissan Q40).

Now I hate my experience most of Nissan dealers (or any other brand for that matter) are bunch of con-artists, whom are just rushing to get you in and out of the door, while charging premium prices and cutting all kinds of corners.
I'm pretty sure there are good Nissan techs who work there, but I'm just as sure they are also all kinds of hacks, not to mention apprentices etc...taking my X in there would be at the very bottom of my list, once I'm copmpletely out of options.

My question is this:
Does anyone know a good independent shop around Kitchener-Waterloo (and beyond as I'm willing to travel if i have to), that specializes in Nissans (prefferably the Xterra's) and that is capable of doing the timing chain guide job on the X with confidence?
Thank you for any replies.
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