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'service engine' light with lockable fuel cap

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Hi all,
I thought about installing a lockable fuel tank lid, but a dealership told me that 'Service Engine' light might come on and they will charge $90 to resolve it. Has anybody installed after-market fuel cap? Does anybody know how to get around it and reset a light if that does happen?
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that's why the stealership will get their own corner of hell. go to autozone, have the guy read the code. then tell him you want to clear it out. he can't push the button, but you sure can
why would it throw a code? its just a fuel cap, you take it off everytime you refuel, unless the locking one has a leak or dosent seal properly i dont see what it would throw a code for
Some locking fuel caps dont seal properly & it could cause a check engine light. There is a reset procedure on the titans but I dont know if it would work for the xterra. I will try to find it & post it.
If the fuel cap leaks, it will set a code. If this happens, put your original one back on. The computer will reset itself after a certain number of drive cycles - typically 3-5 drive cycles.

I have had good luck with Stant locking gas caps in the past, but I haven't put one on the X.

2006xterrax was talking about a locking lid (fuel fill door). Does the new lid come with a new gas cap, or can you use the OEM one? If you can use the OEM one, I suggest using it. That way you will definitely not have a problem.
actually i am talking about locking fuel cap, not locking lid. ppl at dealership told me if cap leak while engine is running, service light might come on. so would you guys recommend installing a locking cap?
Stant makes a good product. If it doesn't seal properly, you will know right away, as the Check Engine light will be lit. If this happens just go back to using your Nissan cap. The computer will reset itself and the light will go out.
Yeah I have a stant. It has been causing my SES light to go off every now and then. Just make sure you tighten till it clicks 4-6 times. The reason it sets off is because there's a constant leak that your ecu detects if it's not sealed properly. I've been unhooking the negative terminal over night and that usually resets it.

Im not a fan of this technique so i finally bought an obdii reader and funny enough, since buying it, the light has never gone off that needed me to use the damn thing.
I searched and yes I know this is an old thread. I live in California where gas prices are high. I live in San jose where there is the highest prices. Gas just jumped another 15 cents. People are stealing gas and I don't want to get my gas stolen especially when its just shy of $4 a gallon. I read about locking gas caps. Does Nissan sell one though? How much is it gonna be from a stealership? Any help is greatly appreciated.
i got mine at a local auto parts store... it was less than 10 bucks i think...
Thanx cbzdel. I will pick one of those up from one of my local autoshop stores.
One of these days steeling gas will bring felony charges...LOL...!!

You can always install a door latch lock if your worried about throwing a code... Just a thought
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